• New Elite Silicone - for a seamless finish

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    Davco launches Elite Silicone, designed to match the Elite ColourGrout range of contemporary colours. 

    Davco Elite Silicone is a one-component, non-sag, permanently flexible neutral cure silicane sealant. It is engineered
    to deliver excellent adhesion to tiles, stone, glass, aluminium and most common building materials– without the need
    of a primer. Elite Silicone is bacteria resistant, offers consistent caulking and smoothing, is non-paintable and is
    available in 10 contemporary colours.

    Elite Silicone cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture to form a durable tight bond. The product’s design
    is ideal for both tiling and glazing applications and it doesn’t leave the odours associated with other silicones. Elite
    Silicone is also perfect for situations where there is a lack of moisture that would aid the curing process.

    Elite Silicone is suitable for interior and exterior applications as well as commercial and domestic walls, floors,
    windows and doors.

    Davco Elite Silicone – for a seamless finish

    Download: Media Release 

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