A multi purpose bituminous product supplied in a paint consistency. Ormonoid Bitumen Paint can be used as an adhesive primer or coating for tree surgery and the protection of exterior metal surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily spread and quick drying
  • Resistant to mild acids, alkali, moisture, air and vermin
  • Will not harm trees when sealing wounds
  • Can be overpainted with Ormonoid Silvershield™ or an oil based paint for U.V. protection and better appearance
  • Packaging: 500ml, 1L and 4L


  • To adhere bituminous roofing to concrete and timber surfaces
  • As a primer on concrete, fibro, metal and other porous surfaces prior to the application of bituminous products
  • For protection of exterior and metal surfaces such as guttering, downpipes, water tanks, toughs, trailers, car bodies and metal type roofing against corrosion
  • Sealing of tree wounds after pruning, to prevent disease or vermin attack