A thick, cold applied, solvent based bitumen, reinforced with tough inert fibres. Ormonoid Brushable Waterproofer cures to provide a non-trafficable, black, semi-flexible waterproofing membrane.

Features & Benefits

  • Protects undersides of vehicles
  • Protects metal structures
  • Protects roofing and gutters
  • Seals retaining walls
  • Packaging: 500ml, 1L and 4L. Also available in a 20L as Ormonoid Brushable Duraseal


  • Waterproofing / sealing of concrete, blockwork, renders / screeds, compressed and fibrous cement sheeting, timber and metal substrates in external areas only
  • As an anti-corrosion coating or to suppress noise / vibration, such as the underside of vehicles
  • To repair malthoid type bitumen roofs